Special Announcements

Update: On August 20th and 21st, South Middleton School District conducted indoor air quality testing at Boiling Springs High School, Yellow Breeches Middle School, Iron Forge Elementary School, and W.G. Rice Elementary School. Cumberland Analytical Laboratories, Inc. reported that no airborne contaminants were detected in the tested buildings. Copies of these reports can be found in each building's main office.

Hello South Middleton School District,

This message is to make you aware of a situation that recently occurred at the W.G. Rice Elementary School. On Monday, August 13th, it was discovered that the humidity levels in some of the classrooms at W.G. Rice Elementary School were high and signs of mold were beginning to show in a few of these rooms. Our custodial and maintenance staff immediately begin to take steps to clean up the current signs of mold and work to make sure that conditions for mold growth were not present in the building.

On Tuesday, W.G. Rice was closed. The maintenance and custodial staff worked in tandem to address this situation. Maintenance began to dehumidify the rooms, while the custodians gave a thorough cleaning to affected areas.

Cumberland Analytical came to W.G. Rice Elementary School on Wednesday to perform indoor air quality testing. Our maintenance staff turned on the heat to help dry out the building and lower the humidity. The dehumidifiers continued to work with the higher heat to mitigate the conditions for mold growth.

The heat and dehumidification continued throughout Thursday. The humidity throughout the building was dropped to a desirable level.

On Friday, it was decided to cut the heat and bring the indoor temperature back to 70 degrees. Cumberland Analytical confirmed that W.G. Rice Elementary School indoor air quality tests results yielded no airborne contaminants. The conditions for mold growth were gone, and the air was free of any contaminants.

As an extra measure of safety for our staff and students, dehumidifiers were running over the weekend, and these dehumidifier will continue to run until 6:00 AM on Thursday morning. We have scheduled another round of indoor air quality tests for each of our buildings for Tuesday and Wednesday prior to our students’ return. As well, classrooms will be treated using the Clorox 360 System to ensure that W.G. Rice Elementary School is ready to receive our students on Thursday, August 23rd.  

The South Middleton School District will continue to monitor and test the air quality in W.G. Rice Elementary Schools and throughout the rest of the buildings in our district. We have successfully addressed this situation, and I would like to personally thank our custodial and maintenance crews for their quick and thorough response. W.G. Rice Elementary School is ready to welcome our students into a safe and clean building.

Many thanks,

Matthew Strine, Ed.D



Hello Bubblers,

I regret to inform you that our Stadium Complex, including the track and the all-purpose field, will be closed to all open public use effective August 27, 2018. This has not been an easy decision for the South Middleton School District Administration and School Board. The possibility of the Stadium Complex Closure has been publicly discussed at an Athletic Committee Meeting on July 19th and a Safety/Security Meeting on August 1st. Most recently, the closure was discussed and a decision was made at the School Board Meeting on Monday, August 20, 2018. Although there are many opinions throughout our school community, we feel that the facts prove that this is a necessary action.

The track and all-purpose field are beginning to show the typical wear and tear of playing surfaces of similar age. Maintenance and/or replacement will be needed in the near future, unless immediate actions are taken to limit some wear and tear on these playing surfaces. The budget for the South Middleton School District details the replacement of the track and all-purpose field turf in the 2020-2021 school year. In an attempt to meet our budget projections and financial responsibilities, the South Middleton School District is closing the Stadium Complex to extend the life of the track and all-purpose field turf. The closure of the Stadium Complex from public use is intended to safeguard the investment of the South Middleton School District while extending the longevity of the playing surfaces for our students and student athletes.

Although the Stadium Complex will be closed to open public use, utilization of the track and/or all-purpose field by community groups may still be possible. These requests must be in accordance with SMSD Board Policy #707 and warrant the express written permission of the Director of Athletics & Facilities.

Again, the South Middleton School District apologizes for any inconvenience that the Stadium Complex closure may create for some of our school community members. We realize that many community members use the track for fitness walking and running, and we want to encourage these patrons to utilize the updated and beautifully maintained network of paths and trails maintained by the South Middleton Township.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this difficult decision.

Matthew Strine, Ed. D.