COVID-19 Student Support

This year has been a relentless test in our ability to face adversity as a school community, as a nation, and as global citizens.  While the pharmaceutical industry shows promise in their development of vaccinations, social distancing guidelines remain in effect amidst rising numbers of positive COVID-19 cases.  


With the holiday season right around the corner, parents/guardians, as well as teachers, may question ways to address various circumstances with their children, like altered traditions, disappointment, and general uncertainty due to our current conditions.  To help our community facilitate such dialogue, our student services team compiled the following points of advice. 


    • Validate feelings of disappointment.  Having adverse feelings is normal and helping children acknowledge and/or overcome these feelings builds resiliency. Instill hope.
    • Openly hold conversations about alternate plans.  Encourage your child to explore creative ways that adjust traditions that make them safe but also joyfully memorable.  Create feelings and emotions of shared meals and togetherness with holiday contests (e.g., pie or gingerbread house contest) or games that can be held virtually.  Share spiritual moments through video calls as well. 
    • The wear of emotional stress is mitigated through physical activity.  Walks, hikes, and/or bike rides may be an instrumental part of your holidays this year. 
    • Establish traditions within your immediate family, such as making decorations, cooking a meal, or watching a timeless holiday classic. 
    • Model and teach healthy thinking and healthy actions:  Adult’s behaviors and attitudes are contagious.  Demonstrate healthy coping strategies and communicate viewpoints in a productive way. 
    • Finally, recognize if you or child is just feeling melancholy or something more.  If you notice your loved one withdrawing from previously enjoyed activities, having difficulties with sleep, showing sadness or irritability over the course of several weeks or more, please do not hesitate to seek professional help.  If you have difficulties finding a provider or don’t know where to start, the South Middleton School District offers Student Assistance in K-12.  The link is provided below. 


Please stay safe and well. 



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