Happy Monday Bubblers! Each week through the end of the school year, we’re going share a #BubblerSpirit theme and a mindful moments theme. Information about these ongoing theme ideas can be found by clicking on the mindful moments button in the eLearning section of the SMSD website.

This week’s #BubblerSpirit theme is Show Off Your Shades – Put on your shades and enjoy a slightly different view of things! Then be sure to share the photo with #BubblerSpirit! (You can share or post your pictures any day this week!)

This week’s mindfulness theme is Reframing. Reframing is the idea that you can mindfully take charge of your thinking patterns by paying attention to how your thoughts affect your feelings. Our thoughts directly impact the way we feel, and by slowing our minds down, we can interrupting negative thinking traps and find a more positive or more accurate way of thinking that ultimately results in a better response and positive mindset. Finding the #brightspot in each day is a simple way to begin to reframe a situation, moment, day, week, or end of the school year.

Secondary Section - Amy Necci, middle school Spanish teacher, discusses how RE-FRAMING helps us to respond  in a situation, rather than react

"Using the Mnemonic "Three Cs" with Children and Adolescents" by Torrey Creed Phd