Mindfulness Theme of the Week - Connecting - highlighting the importance of positive interactions with others to feel safe and secure.


Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday - This week's Mindfulness theme is Connecting. Share pictures of enjoying family time around the dinner table (whether it's taco night or not) or just spending time together. Being around the people we care about and who care about us is important in helping us deal with stressful situations. 

Help us get the conversation started! Share your favorite questions to ask around the dinner table. 

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May 18-22
Mindful Moments/Art Lessons

This week's Mindful Moment is about Connecting.

Art is a wonderful tool we can use to connect with other people, our world, and our own emotions. Todays art project will center around an additional idea of connecting with others by wishing them well.

  1. We will start with a game called “Wishes for the World” Click here to play related video.
  2. Next we can make our own “Wishes for the World” Wishing Ball. 
    Click her for Mrs. Lutz teaching video.
  3. May 18-22, Wishes for the World Flipgrid, Click here.

For Secondary - We connect to others by learning about their story. Understanding the experiences of others help us to be more empathetic and understand the world around us. This idea is the focus of author Chimamana Ngozi Adichie talk about "The Danger of a Single Story."