Counseling Services

SMSD Counselors

W.G. Rice Elementary School (K-2)
Erin Rech -

Iron Forge Elementary School (3-5)

Aron Kunkel -

Yellow Breeches Middle School
Elmer Barrick -
Danae Klock -

Boiling Springs High School
Patricia Alichwer -
Lindsay Graybill -
Scott McQuaig -

Our school district’s counselors help with:

* Resiliency                                                                       * Course selection
* Goal setting                                                                    * Career awareness
* Action plans                                                                    * Study skills
* Understanding differences                                                * Decision making
* Respecting others                                                            * Conflict resolution
* Development of self-concept                                             * Community links
* Interpersonal communication

School counselors are certified, specially trained professionals who

  • Support students toward the achievement of their full potential.
  • Assist students in understanding the school environment and removing barriers that interfere with learning.
  • Help students to develop an awareness and understanding of self and others.
  • Encourage the building of student self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Give students the opportunity to discuss their educational, personal, and emotional concerns in a confidential manner. Confidentiality does not extend to situations that compromise the health, welfare, and safety of self or others.
  • Educate students in the decision-making process that leads to informed, safe, and healthy choices.
  • Serve as a resource person for information and referral to community services.
  • Collaborate with other school and agency professionals.
  • Communicate with parents.
  • Facilitate the School -to-Career process.

New Student Registration

A legal parent/guardian must be present to register new students. You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a school counselor to complete the registration process. For specific registration information and forms click here:

Referral Resources

The following community resources can be accessed directly by students and parents. Some of the agencies can also provide services to students at school during school hours.

This is a partial listing of available services in Cumberland County. Students and parents are encouraged to contact their school counselor for additional information and resources.