Curriculum Map: Music Fourth Grade


All students in the elementary schools receive two class periods of music instruction during each six-day cycle. The music program is a hands-on, movement-centered program which emphasizes the Kodaly and ORFF methods. Students experience music theory and instrumentation at all levels of development. Culminating activities for the program include the fourth grade “Sharing Music” assembly.

Sing and chant independently and in groups
Perform on instruments independently and in groups
Move to music independently and in groups
Identify beat and accents in duple meter
Demonstrate rhythm patterns
Demonstrate dynamic changes and contrasts in music
Perform pitch matching and pitch direction (up and down, high and low)
Produce melodies in a group of related pitches
Identify repetition and contrast in music
Communicate various moods through music, drama and storytelling
Know and use a variety of appropriate arts elements and principles to review and revise original works in the arts
Describe and use knowledge of various styles within each art form through a performance or exhibition of a unique work
Identify the function and benefits of rehearsals and practice sessions