Social Studies

Curriculum Map: Social Studies Fourth Grade


This course is a combination of geography, history, civics, government, and economics to meet the Pennsylvania fourth grade social studies standards. Major units include map skills and Pennsylvania.

Civics and Government

Describe the principles and ideals shaping government
Explain the basic principles and ideals within documents of Pennsylvania government
Explain the role of courts in resolving conflicts involving the principles and ideals of government
Compare the structure, organization and operation of local, state and national governments
Describe the responsibilities and powers of the three branches of government


Describe market transactions in terms of goods, services, consumers and producers
Describe the costs and benefits of competition to consumers in markets
Explain how taxes affect the price of goods and services


Identify the human characteristics of places and regions by their cultural characteristics
Identify the human characteristics of places and regions by their settlement characteristics


Understand chronological thinking and distinguish between past, present and future time
Explain the fundamentals of historical interpretation
Identify and explain how continuity and change have influenced Pennsylvania history from the Beginnings to 1824
Identify and explain conflict and cooperation among social groups and organizations in Pennsylvania history from Beginnings to 1824