Enrollment Process

1. Students and their parents/guardians begin the enrollment process by scheduling a meeting with the cyber program director and counselor. At this time, program policies and procedures will be reviewed. The counselor will review student credits and courses required to fulfill graduation requirements.

2. Students and parents/guardians will sign the SMDLC contract.

3. Students, parents/guardians, and counselor will complete the online course request form.

4. A handbook, welcome letter, and contact information will be given to all students and parents/guardians.

5. For credit recovery or enrichment courses, payment must be made prior to the start of the course.

Enrollment Dates and Deadlines

Fall registration for all grades takes place over the summer and must be completed by the start of the school year.

Spring registration for the high school takes place two weeks prior to the start of the second semester.

Middle school registration takes place two weeks prior to the start of each marking period.

Students interested in enrolling after the start of each semester or marking period must obtain approved by the building principal on a case by case base and may be required to provide medical documentation.

The only exception to the deadline is students who move into the district.

Senior students may not enroll in cyber courses after the completion of the third marking period. Credit recovery will not be available until the summer session.

Early Completion

One of the benefits to the cyber learning is the flexibility of the program. Students have the opportunity to work on their courses at any time that fits their schedules. Students can work ahead and potentially finish all assigned course work prior to the end of each semester/school year.

Continuation in the Cyber Program

All high school students taking online learning classes will be enrolled for one semester. All middle school and elementary students will be enrolled for one marking period. Continued enrollment is dependent upon the individual student’s successful completion of previous course parts.

Students failing courses will be required to attend a meeting with the cyber director, counselor and building principal to discuss continuation in the program. Students who have not been successful in the cyber program may be required to return to the traditional school setting.


Students intending to withdraw from South Middleton School District who are participating in the full-time cyber program may withdraw from the program by first contacting the cyber director and then completing a withdraw form in the counseling office.