Student Activities & Privileges

Athletic / Extracurricular Eligibility

All students taking online courses through SMDLC must follow all policies and procedures as outlined for South Middleton School District students. This includes the policy for athletic eligibility. Eligibility reports will be given to the Office of the Athletic Director each week in accordance with District policy (Thursdays at 3PM).

A full explanation of athletic and extra-curricular policies, procedures and requirements is provided to you in your school’s student handbook.

SMDLC Student Rights and Privileges

Students enrolled in the SMDLC are considered equal to their classmates who are enrolled in W.G. Rice Elementary School, Iron Forge Elementary School, Yellow Breeches Middle School, or Boiling Springs High School. While bound by the same expectations, graduation requirements and standards for behavior, SMDLC students are fully eligible for all academic offerings, counseling, career, and support services, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, social events, and activities enjoyed by the student body. Upon completing high school requirements, SMDLC students are eligible for a Boiling Springs High School diploma and are encouraged to participate in graduation exercises.