Acceptable Use Policy

The school's information technology resources, including email and Internet access, are provided for educational purposes. Adherence to the following policy is necessary for continued access to the school's technological resources. Students must:

  • Respect and protect the privacy of others.
  • Use only assigned accounts.
  • Not view, use, or copy passwords, data, or networks to which they are not authorized.
  • Not distribute private information about others or themselves.
  • Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources.
  • Observe all network security practices as posted.
  • Report security risks or violations to an advisor, teacher or network administrator.
  • Not destroy or damage data, networks, or other resources that do not belong to them, without clear permission of the owner.
  • Respect and protect the intellectual property of others.
  • Not infringe on copyrights (no making illegal copies of music, games, or movies).
  • Not plagiarize.
  • Respect and practice the principles of communication
  • Communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.
  • Report threatening or discomforting materials to a teacher or advisor.
  • Not intentionally access, transmit, copy, or create material that violates the school's code of conduct (such as messages that are pornographic, threatening, rude, discriminatory, or meant to harass).
  • Not intentionally access, transmit, copy, or create material that is illegal (such as obscenity, stolen materials, or illegal copies of copyrighted works).
  • Not use the resources to further other acts that are criminal or violate the school's code of conduct.
  • Not send spam, chain letters, or other mass unsolicited mailings.
  • Not buy, sell, advertise, or otherwise conduct business unless approved as a school project.

Students may, if in accord with the policy above:

  • Design and post web pages and other material from school resources.
  • Use direct communications, such as online chat or instant messaging, with an advisor’s permission and coordination with district technology staff.
  • Install or download software, if also in conformity with laws and licenses, and under the supervision of the advisor and coordination with district technology staff.
  • Use the resources for any educational purpose.

Consequences for Violation

  • Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of a student's privileges to use the school's information technology resources.

We have read and understand the above policy and agree to abide by the rules of this policy.

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