South Middleton Digital Learning Center Student Contract

South Middleton Digital Learning Center is a means for our district to provide online learning to expand student options and the curriculum offerings. This contract and policy makes the student/parent aware of the standards expected of students enrolling in online learning.

As a student taking CAOLA courses, I am aware that:

____ Students must attend an orientation program at the South Middleton Digital Learning Center located at Boiling Springs High School. This program will occur the first 12 days upon initial enrollment into the cyber program (6th -12th grade only). Failure to attend and complete the orientation program will void the SMDLC contract, and the student will be withdrawn from the program.

____ Parents and students must meet with the SMDLC advisors to discuss courses, credits, pacing and to review and sign the contract one week prior to the course enrollment start date.

____ All students are required to have a monthly meeting with their advisors to discuss progress, grades, attendance and any concerns.

____ Some students may be required to attend weekly meetings when deemed necessary by program advisors.

____ All students who have a failing grade, fall behind on more than 10 lessons per subject or are having other difficulties will be required to report to the SMDLC daily until their grades/lessons are at an approved acceptable level.

____ Students are required to abide by the SMDLC attendance policy. See attached.

____ Agree to follow all policies outlined in the student handbook.

____ Students must contact online teacher with questions or concerns while taking the course.

If students do not abide by the above listed rules, the South Middleton School District will notify the student and his/her parents/guardian(s) of the infraction. In the event of severe misconduct, the student will be removed from the program.

I have read and understand the contract and policies of the South Middleton Digital Learning Center and agree to abide by the rules of this contract.

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