Parent Resources

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Internet Safety:

The following links contain valuable information for parents to monitor the use of the Internet in their home.
Click to view tech-specific documents and resources on the District Technology Page.

Safe, Smart, Social

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety


NetSmartz Workshop

Wired Safety

The Police Notebook

National Resources:

United States Department of Education


No Child Left Behind

State Resources:

Pennsylvania Department of Education

State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC)

Early Intervention Programs:

Do you have concerns that your pre-schooler is not talking, moving, playing, or interacting like other children his or her age? Early intervention is a program that can help you with these concerns. It is a free program for families of any income level that provides evaluation of developmental delays and provides parent training in the home or daycare to help address any significant delays that are found. There is no physician or insurance referral needed. If you have concerns about your child, please contact:

For children under age 3: Cumberland/Perry Early Intervention at 717-240-6325

For children age 3 and over: Capital Area Intermediate Unit at 717-732-840

Real Life Real Issues - Drugs and Young People:


Click here to visit WITF's Real Life | Real Issues website which presents a multimedia series devoted to providing several angles on a single issue of interest to Central PA. The goal is to provide in-depth coverage of the topic on all WITF media, including WITF 89.5 & 93.3, WITF TV, Central PA Magazine and Real Life | Real Issues also engages listeners, viewers and readers on WITF's Facebook and Twitter accounts to discuss the issues with other members of the community.


Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Releases New Resource for Parents on Teenage Marijuana Use

Active and ongoing discussion about the risks of drug and alcohol use between parents and their children is a strong protective factor for reducing the chances of young people getting involved in substance abuse.

The Partnership for Drug-Free kids released the new resource, “Marijuana Talk Kit: What You Need to Know to Talk with Your Kids about Marijuana”. Targeted at parents of teenagers, the Talk Kit provides parents with information on how to meaningfully discuss marijuana with their children.

The increased prevalence of medical and legalized marijuana, in addition to the normalization of marijuana in pop culture, can make it difficult for parents to talk about marijuana with their children. 41 percent of marijuana users report initiating use before the age of 15, making early parental involvement especially important. Download a free copy of the Marijuana Talk Kit here.

PA Career Education and Work Standards

PDE has developed a website that should be a great resource in addressing the state career education and work standards. PA Career Zone ( is a web-based career resource and an easy to use tool that enables students to explore careers and develop a plan for achieving their goals. This resource is provided at no cost to the user or educational institution. With assistance from school counselors, educators and parents, students can complete a interest profile that will help them identify occupations that align to their profile results. Each occupation exploration, by a student, will provide information that includes a detailed description, educational requirements, projected annual income and much more. This information will enable a student to begin developing their individualized career plan, leading them to informed decisions regarding which career path they will choose for their journey through secondary education and beyond. It is recommended that each student register and begin the journey. This resource, along with the full integration of the PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work into our curricula, will provide each student an understanding of the relevance of their educational experiences with their chosen career pathways.

For additional information related to PA Career Zone and the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Career Education and Work, you may contact Charles Sabulski, State Administrator for Career Counseling Services, at 717.783.6991 or