Curriculum Map: Music Kindergarten


The music program is a hands-on, movement-centered program which emphasizes the Kodaly and ORFF methods. Students experience music theory and instrumentation at all levels of development.

Strand: 1.0 Melody

Content Strand: 1.1 Speaking, Singing, Whispering, Calling Voices
Content Strand: 1.2 Match Pitch in Pentatonic Scale
Content Strand: 1.3 High, Low, Fast, Slow

Strand: 2.0 Rhythm

Content Strand: 2.1 Body Percussion, Gross Motor
Content Strand: 2.2 Rhythm Instruments as an Ensemble

Strand: 3.0 Repertoire

Content Strand: 3.1 Loud, Soft, Fast, Slow, High, Low
Content Strand: 3.2 Folk Songs, Traditional Songs, Holiday Songs