Physical Education

Curriculum Map: Physical Education Kindergarten


This course is intended to have students develop the knowledge and skills needed for movement that offers the foundation for enjoyment and social development through physical activity. The main emphasis in kindergarten is learning body control while moving in different settings that would include body/spatial awareness activities, developmental games and rhythmic movement skills.

Strand: 1.0 Movement

Content Strand: 1.1 Locomotor Patterns
Content Strand: 1.2 Slow and Fast Movements
Content Strand: 1.3 Bending and Stretching
Content Strand: 1.4 Balance
Content Strand: 1.5 Tossing and Catching
Content Strand: 1.6 Parts of the Body

Strand: 2.0 Physical Activity and Health

Content Strand: 2.1 Physical Activity
Content Strand: 2.2 Exercise
Content Strand: 2.3 Muscular Strength and Endurance
Content Strand: 2.4 The Heart and Breathing
Content Strand: 2.5 Proper Use of Equipment
Content Strand: 2.6 Safety