Grading & Graduation Requirements

Students are assessed on a multitude of criteria such as assessments, quizzes, essays, tests, and forum discussions. Students have immediate and continuous access to grades by logging into the system. Grades for assessments and tests will be posted within 72 hours from the date they were submitted. All cyber courses have the equivalent weight value as traditional courses. Student weighted/unweighted GPA and class rank will be calculated by SMSD. Report cards will be issued four times a year, and students are eligible for the SMSD honor roll.

Students are permitted to retake any major test that he or she has failed. The student must request a retake for the test through the cyber director. The cyber director will determine if the request is appropriate and will notify the online grader of the request.

Cyber school grading scale:

90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

60-69 = D

59 or below = F.

Cyber grades are converted to the South Middleton School District scale:

93-100 = A

85-92 = B

77-85 = C

70-76 = D

69 or below = F.

Cyber courses are broken into parts with an end date for each part. When the end date has passed, all missing assignments will result in zeros being calculated into the final grade for that part.


Students will work with their school counselors to ensure proper placement and credit fulfillment in order to meet graduation requirements. Students in grades nine through twelve will be classified by grade based on the number of credits they have earned.

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