Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Posted on 01/22/2019
Congratulations to winners of the 2019 South Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! All students who won gold and silver keys will be invited to the Regional Awards Ceremony. The students who won gold keys will have their entries advance to the national level.


Gold Key

Evan Arnold*, Humor, [Insert Title that Elicits Laughter…
Benjamin Cook, Critical Essay, Human Evolution: The Immutable…
Lily Reighard, Humor, A Flawed Peace
Emma Steinour*, Personal Essay/Memoir, The Mosquito
*American Voices Nominee

Silver Key

Lindsey Aunkst, Personal Essay/Memoir, A Hunger for Recovery
Benjamin Cook, Personal Essay/Memoir, The Importance of Voting
Benjamin Cook, Poetry, What Words Will You Choose?
Madelynn Feeser, Personal Essay/Memoir, What Love Means to Me
Jianna Kole, Short Story, The Song Bird
Jake Lewandowski, Personal Essay/Memoir, An Argument For the Abolition…
Brinn Mancuso, Poetry, Dreams
Maddy Hanlin, Short Story, 365 Days
Kaitlyn Starner, Short Story, To Forgive and Forget

Honorable Mention

Callie Asper, Personal Essay/Memoir, Deep in the Hearts of the People
Molly Biggs, Personal Essay/Memoir, Grandpa's Life Stories
Anna Book, Personal Essay/Memoir, New York City Mission Trip 2018
Celia Christenson, Personal Essay/Memoir, Who Am I, Where Have I Come…
Roy Delevan, Short Story, Running for a Purpose
Ben Fasick, Humor, And Now, The News
Christi Fertich, Personal Essay/Memoir, Stepping Through the Illusions
Caroline Klunk, Personal Essay/Memoir, The Staircase of Anxiety
Cresentia Messner, Critical Essay, The Bright Side of the "Dark Ages" (YBMS)
Emma Reifsteck, Short Story, Hunting Season
Abby Samella, Critical Essay, Climate Change
Adison Verenna, Short Story, The Midnight Moon St. Murderer


Gold Key

Benjamin Cook, Photography, Bow or Stern, Can You Discern?
Benjamin Cook, Photography, Nature's Fireworks
Benjamin Cook, Photography, Burst of Thirst
Benjamin Cook, Art Portfolio, Water...

Silver Key

Benjamin Cook, Photography, Human Hive
Benjamin Cook, Photography, On a Foggy Morning
Benjamin Cook, Photography, A Morning in Paradise
Benjamin Cook, Art Portfolio, Focal Points

Honorable Mention
Benjamin Cook, Photography, Hardware Hallway
Benjamin Cook, Photography, Seen-cinnati?
Benjamin Cook, Photography, Rolling Tide