BSHS & YBMS - TSA Results

BSHS & YBMS - TSA Results
Posted on 02/05/2018
Congratulations to the high school and middle school TSA members on an outstanding showing at the regional conference! 40 students traveled to Gettysburg on Saturday, February 3, to compete against hundreds of students from 11 school districts.

The middle school took home individual and team awards in 21 events including 1st place finishes from Anna Chamberlain, Giovanni Andreoli, Kathryn Felix, Claire James, Joshua Anderson, and Jack Meikrantz. The high school students earned awards in 24 events with 1st place finishes from Morgan Chamberlin, Elaina Clancy, Wesley Dellinger, Evan Kase, Alex Pedersen, Anthony Dellinger, Ben Fasick, and Ellie Blanchard. Students have been working on their events since September. Saturday’s victories were well earned by each of our students.

Another highlight from the event was our chapter’s involvement by serving as regional officers. Elaina Clancy lead opening and closing ceremonies as the Regional President while Regional Secretary, Ellie Blanchard, announced award winners and participated in the ceremonies. These two were not the only leaders from our school to stand out at the conference. Anthony Dellinger, Alex Pedersen, Alli Baker, Evan Kase, Wesley Dellinger, and Ben Fasick ran an interactive booth to educate other students about 3D printing. They demonstrated the machine's abilities and answered questions about the technology and the process.

Many SMSD students are eligible for the state conference and will travel to Seven Springs to compete in April. All of our students should be commended for the work that they performed leading up to and at Gettysburg on Saturday. Please congratulate these students on their hard work.

Click here if you'd like to see the YBMS results break down.

The YBMS students who participated are: Josh Anderson, Giovanni Andreoli, Nathan Book, Eli Bounds, Anna Chamberlin, Michael Crowther, Connor Dieck, Kathryn Felix, Claire James, Brady Kondek, Andrew Lewandowski, Jack Meikrantz, Abigail Schwang, Owen Schlotterhauer, Joe Sellers, Joey Serafin, Hailie Stamm, Madelyn Steinour, and Caleb Wasielewski. YBMS students brought home 7 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 13 bronze medals. These 19 students had 21 top ten finishes, and 10 of them also qualified to compete at the state conference.  

Click here if you'd like to see the BSHS results break down.

The BSHS students who participated are: 
Lindsey Aunkst, Ali Baker, Connor Biss, Ellie Blanchard, Keegan Brassel, Morgan Chamberlin, Elaina Clancy, Benjamin Cook, Roy Delevan, Wesley Dellinger, Anthony Dellinger, Mateo Diaz Suarez, Nevin Disque, Owen Engle, Ben Fasick, Avery Johnson, Evan Kase, Jon Orris, Alex Pedersen, Jacob Sparages, and Joshua Turner.