Cyber - Bubbler Cyber Academy

South Middleton School District offers diverse instructional tiers to meet the needs of all students.  District leadership understands that, even with stringent safety measures in place as outlined in our Health and Safety Plan, some families may not feel comfortable sending their children back to school for face-to-face learning or may have other concerns with the restrictions needed to support student and staff safety. For these students, South Middleton School District offers a robust cyber learning opportunity, Bubbler Cyber Academy, available to all K-12 learners.   Curriculum and instruction are offered in partnership with the Capital Area Online Learning Association (CAOLA) and aligned with PA core content academic standards.   As Bubbler Cyber Academy enrollees, our students remain South Middleton School District Bubblers and are therefore eligible for all rights and privileges the District has to offer. 

As parents considering cyber learning, it is important to note that cyber learning as offered through the Bubbler Cyber Academy is different from remote learning.  Remote learning is another tier of instruction which may be used by South Middleton School District to offer hybrid instruction or fully remote instruction as warranted in compliance with CDC and PA DOH safety guidelines.

To learn more about the District’s cyber option, please review the Bubbler Cyber Academy Student and Parent Handbook and course/curriculum overviews by visiting the links at the bottom of the page.

You may also wish to view the short video which provides an overview of cyber learning for the elementary student.  Additional resources are available upon request.

To enroll, ask questions or receive additional information, please reach out to us:

Mrs. Edwards, Cyber Learning Coordinator          

Mr. Alex Smith, Director of Student Services        


Bubbler Cyber Academy Enrollment Procedures During Safety Plan Implementation


South Middleton School District’s Bubbler Cyber Academy has simplified its enrollment procedure in compliance with the District’s safety plan and to make the process more accessible to our families.  This change is a temporary replacement of enrollment information found in the Bubbler Cyber Academy Student and Parent Handbook.  If you need assistance with enrollment in the South Middleton School District’s cyber learning option or have any other questions about cyber learning, please use the contact information listed above as your first step.  Hopefully, this direct access to the Cyber Learning Coordinator will make transitioning your child to cyber programming easier and will give you efficient assistance with your questions and concerns. In addition, student orientation for the program will not take place in the Cyber Learning Center as noted in the handbook.  Instead, Mrs. Edwards will provide program information virtually.  Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you during this very challenging time.