SMSD Vision

SMSD Vision: And, I want more!

The mission of the South Middleton School District is to ensure a challenging education in a safe, supportive environment that empowers all students to become lifelong learners and productive, respectful citizens of our diverse and changing world.

Along with this mission, I have dreams and aspirations for each of our children. I want students whose mastery of the subjects they have studied runs deep and methods of mastery through which they have acquired this knowledge have become strong habits of mind and practice. I want our Bubblers to possess the kind of deep understanding which will enable them to learn other things easily when they need to and to then apply what they have learned creatively and effectively to find solutions to a wide range of problems and challenges. I want our kids to be able to synthesize what they have learned from many domains as they address and analyze those challenges so they can best address them. Our children will have to be very good communicators, in many mediums. They will need to develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in face-to-face conversations and across digital platforms. Our Bubblers will need to be both disciplined and creative at the same time. A lot to achieve, you might agree? And, I want more for our kids. 

Our students need to learn how to lead and how to be a good team member. Opportunities throughout the school day and extra curriculars such as arts, clubs, and athletics, should provide a proving ground for our children to learn with and from each other through collaboration towards achieving shared goals. The directors, advisors, and coaches of these activities should not only coach and mentor our children but also develop in our children the ability to coach, mentor, and serve others in a positive and effective way. And, I want more for our kids.

I want our Bubblers to set high standards and goals for themselves and to be prepared to work hard to uphold these standards and achieve their goals. Our children’s character matters a lot to me. I want them to know right from wrong and to do the right thing even when it is not the easy thing to do. And, if they falter, I want our children to be a part of a school community which supports their growth and empowers them to reflect and grow from their mistakes. I want them to find pleasure from serving others and in being a contributing member of society. I want our children to embrace the spirit of volunteerism to help our community and others less fortunate. I want them to be socially just and inclusive. I want them to appreciate those who serve them and those whom they serve. Our schools must be set up for every child to succeed in an emotionally and physically safe environment. And, our staff must value and model service. We, adults, must practice physical, mental, and emotional safety. And still, I want more for our kids. 

To be effective in anything they undertake, our South Middleton School District students will have to be able to set high targets for themselves and be prepared to sacrifice to achieve the desired results of their long-term goals. They will need the grit and resilience to be able to set a goal, develop a plan, and work towards it until they have achieved what they set out to do. They must also possess the emotional intelligence to be able to monitor their behavior and change it when necessary and to control their emotions as they recognize and embrace resources and adversities on their paths of accomplishment. Our school needs to offer this deliberate practice of these positive habits to our students to develop a growth mindset in each and every one of our children.

Ponder, Plan, and Persevere... These words are good reminders that school is about a lot more than classwork. Education needs to promote personal development and wellness routines for all of our children. Our South Middleton School District schools are all about the students’ dreams and aspirations leading to all of the kinds of learning that needs to take place to develop the graduates of whom we will be proud. When our Bubblers receive their South Middleton School District diplomas, this occasion is not looked upon as our graduates having learned everything. Instead, this ceremony signifies that our kids are now ready to learn anything. 

Dr. Matt Strine, Superintendent

South Middleton School District