COVID-19 Student Support

Please see helpful resources below to talk about the Coronavirus with children:
March 18, 2020

Hello Bubblers!
We hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. As your school psychologists, we wanted to write to check-in to see how our Bubblers are coping during this time. It is important that while we try to take care of our physical health, we also do things to help maintain mental health. We understand that the combination of social isolation and boredom may negatively impact your mental well-being. In addition, you may be worried about your grades, graduation, or other school related stressors. These are challenges that students are facing across the country, so you are not alone!
Here are some things you can do at home to stay mentally healthy:
* Get outside and move! Physical exercise can help elevate your mood. Just make sure you are maintaining social distancing recommendations.
* FaceTime your friends and family! Checking-in with your classmates and family who you can’t visit with in person can help brighten your day (and theirs!).
* Listen to music. Music can help elevate our mood and decrease stress.
* Engage in hobbies that you don’t typically have time for. Like to read? Enjoy drawing? Use this time to reconnect with preferred hobbies to boost your mood.
* Keep a schedule. Though you are at home, it is important to try to maintain a schedule, especially where sleep is concerned. A schedule keeps us goal-oriented and provides some structure to our day.
* Play a game. Challenge your family to a game of Battleship, Headbandz, or your favorite board game.
* Play with your pets. Your pet will be so happy you are home and will benefit from the extra attention. Soak up the unconditional love they show you!
* Meditate. Taking time for mindfulness activities can help ease stress and feelings of worry.
* Help with chores around the house. Helping others can make us feel good inside, and can help us sneak in some movement.
Here are some additional resources we have compiled to help you with mindfulness activities and positive coping skills:
We look forward to seeing you back at school soon!
Jessica B. Petronis, Psy.D., NCSP Alex C. Smith, Ed.S., NCSP
omcast recently announcement an Internet Essentials program.

The importance of internet access is especially apparent during this difficult time when schools and workplaces are closed due to the Coronavirus.  In response, Comcast announced that they will increase the speeds of the Internet Essentials service (from 15/2 MB to 25/3 MB) and offer the service free of charge for 60 days for new Internet Essentials customers.

Families interested in getting the service can sign up or call 1-855-846-8376. New customers will get a free and easy to use self-install kit by mail.  Current customers don’t need to do anything to get the speed increases.  

We hope these efforts can help families in need, so children can keep learning, and adults can stay connected to their schools and get important health information to keep them and their loved ones safe.