Diversity and Inclusivity

We are updating our information continuously to better explain and refocus our efforts upon hearing from our community on the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment that is responsive to the needs of the entire district. As we continue on our path to ensure district initiatives are developed to effectively support diversity and inclusivity, we have also provided a direct link for parents and community to provide ongoing feedback or to ask questions or express concerns.

Parents and community members may also email comments directly to DiversityInclusivity@smsd.us.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Our children’s success matters to all of us. Our goal is to provide a superior education that prepares every student for the life ahead, guiding their success through positive interactions, supported by the necessary tools and resources to help them thrive. Our entire district is committed to fulfilling our responsibility in guiding our students to their personal success through creating an inclusive learning environment. Together, with our community, we are developing a comprehensive plan that will ensure our district leads the way in partnership with our parents, educators and community.

We want our students to know right from wrong and to do the right thing even when it is not the easy thing to do. And, if they falter, we want our children to be a part of a school community which supports their growth and empowers them to reflect and grow from their mistakes. We envision inclusivity and diversity to be a foundation to preparing them for the future. Our schools strive for every child to succeed in an emotionally and physically safe environment, while ensuring our efforts support every student in an environment that is free of discrimination of any form.

As our district continues to enhance our initiatives, we are dedicated to transparency and proactive communication with our parents and community. We look forward to listening to feedback and communicating how our district is responsive to the needs of every student.

Dr. Matt Strine, Superintendent
South Middleton School District

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity

As our mission states, South Middleton School District (SMSD) is committed to academic excellence by providing a “challenging education in a safe, supportive environment that empowers all students to become lifelong learners and productive, respectful citizens of our

diverse and changing world.” To this end, our current intentions are to foster increased inclusivity and diversity through supporting initiatives crafted to support every student, while providing a positive leaning environment free of any form of discrimination.

SMSD is confident that we, as a community, are striving for the same thing: to create a diverse and inclusive district, while educating our children and preparing them for success.