“I would like us to do something unprecedented, and that is to create ourselves without finding it necessary to create an enemy.”  –James Baldwin

Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Equitable Practices Hub for relevant resources related to individual, classroom, and district/school support.  Resources on this site are updated periodically to ensure new information is accessible to the public in regards to the following Equity Pillars of Practice:

General Equity Practices


Data Practices

Family/Community Engagement

Academic Equity

Disciplinary Equity


Anti-Defamation League Pyramid of Hate

Five Paradigm Shifts for Educational Equity | Equity Literacy Institute

Research for Action: New Data on Teacher Diversity in Pennsylvania (September 2018)

Research for Action: Unequal Access to Educational Opportunity Among Pennsylvania’s High School Students (January 2020)

PA Education Officials Look to Increase the Number of Teachers of Color in the Classroom  (Jan 31, 2020)

Equity Literacy for Educators: Definition and Abilities | Equity Literacy Institute

Ten Commitments for Equity Literacy | Equity Literacy Institute

Avoiding Racial Equity Detours | Equity Literacy Institute


End Adultification Bias [4m 30s]

“Color Blind or Color Brave?” by Melody Hobson for TED2014 [14m 3s]

“Microaggressions Are Like Mosquito Bites” by Fusion Comedy [1m 56s]

A Conversation on Race: The New York Times Short Documentary Series

   A Conversation About Growing Up Black [5m 21s]

   A Conversation with My Black Son [5m 15s]

   A Conversation with Black Women on Race [6m 8s]

   A Conversation with Police on Race [6 48s]

   A Conversation with Native Americans on Race [6m 23s]

   A Conversation with White People on Race [5m 35s]

   A Conversation with Latinos on Race [6m 41s]

   A Conversation with Asian Americans on Race [7m 19s]