Superintendent Search

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dear South Middleton School District Community Members:

The search for our next superintendent continues to move forward. The Board of School Directors wishes to thank all the administrators, support staff, faculty and community members who participated in the focus group discussions on January 29th. Our consultant provided the search committee with an overview of the comments, discussions and feedback received, which has proven to be quite helpful in guiding our approach to the next phases of the search. We also anticipate using the information from those focus group discussions to formulate goals and objectives for the next superintendent as part of the performance evaluation process that we will be developing.

Looking forward on the search timeline, the Board expects to use the month of February to conduct first round interviews with selected candidates. As we approach the end of February and move into March, the Board will plan and conduct additional rounds of interviews, as needed.

We will keep stakeholders informed as we move through the selection process.

The Board of School Directors of South Middleton School District

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dear Community Members:

The Board of School Directors has reopened the search for the next superintendent of the South Middleton School District. We have once again reviewed the job posting and begun to layout the timeline for the process. Promotional efforts are underway as well. We are now beginning to coordinate efforts (date, times and location) to invite internal and external stakeholders to participate in focus group conversations designed to discuss the present ‘state of the district’ and the future of the organization. Those meetings will be promoted in the near future. While the ultimate decision related to the appointment of the next superintendent rests with the Board of School Directors, please know that our stakeholders will have an appropriate voice in the process -- and the issues raised by staff, students, parents and community members will be taken under appropriate advisement as we review credentials, interview candidates, and ultimately make our final selection. More details will be coming soon, so continue to visit this section of the website for details related to the search!

South Middleton Board of School Directors

South Middleton School District
Superintendent Search Update

Friday, November 10, 2017

Dear SMSD Parents, Students, Staff and Community:

The South Middleton Board of School Directors will be reopening its search for a new superintendent.

The Board undertook an expedited search in July and had hoped to announce its selection in early November. However, the Board was unable to reach an agreement with a candidate and will be expanding its search.

Our search will be similar in scope and timing to a more traditional search. The Board anticipates expanding the advertising of the position and using a process that will include a thorough evaluation of candidates.

We look forward to bringing an outstanding educational leader to South Middleton who will best serve the interests of our students and staff. Selecting a superintendent is one of the most important decisions the Board will make; we will take the time necessary to select the best candidate.

During our search, Mr. Bruce Deveney will continue to serve as our Acting Superintendent.

A special section will be set up on the school district website to keep you updated on the progress of our search.


The South Middleton Board of School Directors