School Board Committees

The SMSD Board Committees will be updated in January 2018. 

Education Committee


Facilities Committee


Finance Committee

Policy Committee


Technology Committee


Ad Hoc Committees 
(Meet as Needed)
Athletic Committee

Negotiations Committee

PTO Liaisons

Fundraising Committee

Committee of the Whole Board

Budget - Total Board

Personnel - Total Board 


Bubbler Foundation

Cumberland Co. Tax Collection Bureau

Nicole Weber

Matthew Ulmer (Alternate)

Cumberland/Perry AVTS


PSBA Legislative Rep. 

S.M. Township Board of Supervisors Liaison

S.M. Parks & Recreation Board Liaison

*Note: The Board President or Designee is an Ex-Officio Member to all Committees and has voting and speaking rights. The President’s attendance does not count towards a quorum. (Reference: Robert’s Rules of Order, pages 447 and 448.)