Social Studies

Curriculum Map: Social Studies First Grade


The study of the social sciences has been designed to support the understanding students have of cultures (local and around the world) and how the members of social groups work together to develop positive relationships. Early in the program, self-esteem issues and their impact on others are examined. Content in the social sciences begins with a study of the family and expands to include neighborhoods, communities, and the world. As a result of classroom activities, geography skills are also refined through the use of projects at all levels of instruction.

Strand: 1.0 People Everywhere

Content Strand: 1.1 Family
Content Strand: 1.2 Classroom
Content Strand: 1.3 Leaders and Rules
Content Strand: 1.4 Community

Strand: 2.0 Where We Live

Content Strand: 2.1 Our Land, Our Water
Content Strand: 2.2 City, Suburb, Town
Content Strand: 2.3 Our Country
Content Strand: 2.4 Our Country's Neighbors

Strand: 3.0 World of Work

Content Strand: 3.1 Needs and Wants
Content Strand: 3.2 Goods and Services
Content Strand: 3.3 Buy, Trade and Save
Content Strand: 3.4 All Kinds of Jobs

Strand: 4.0 Everything Changes

Content Strand: 4.1 Learning About the Past
Content Strand: 4.2 Family Life Past & Present
Content Strand: 4.3 Moving People and Things
Content Strand: 4.4 Sharing News and Ideas